Saturday, 31 August 2013

on my craft table ...

Hello there, we're home from our hols, well actually we were home nearly two weeks ago, but you know how it is during the school breaks, little else happens other than being a mum ... which I'm absolutely not complaining about by-the-way, that's how it should be and I love it (most of the time!)... but I have to say, it's been rather nice today, as I found a little time to have to myself!

So, what have I been up to? ... crochet of course! I've been busy hooking up some rather splendid little granny triangles for Lucy's Yarndale bunting request.

You know, I do love a yarnbomb, but I really thought I'd missed the opportunity to join in this one. In the lead up to the summer holidays, things got so crazy around here that I found myself with little time left for blogging and neglecting to catch up with my favourite daily reads. Consequently I missed out on loads of fun opportunities, I just kept on finding out about things a little too late. That's exactly what happened when I found out about the Yarndale bunting via Penny (goodness knows how I missed it on Attic24?!?), the DAY before we went camping for 3 weeks, during which the deadline would be passed - nooooo ...

Well, you can imagine how happy I was on Wednesday, when I was pottering around Facebook, and to my excitement I discovered that the deadline for bunting had been extended to the end of August - this time I had 4 whole days to hook up some triangles and send them off 1st class!

Aren't they little beauties!

It's funny, I imagine that for a lot of people a granny square is what crochet is all about, but I had never made one until recently, when a few friends wanted to me to teach them. Strange really that I had bypassed such a core skill! I have to say I'm converted, it's so rhythmic and easy to pick up, and these granny triangles were just as much fun. Quick and addictive to make, and I love the feeling of using up teeny bits of left over yarn that I hadn't the heart to throw away (I knew it was good to be a hoarder!) The only thing I was concerned about was the ends unravelling, so I employed Natasja's three direction change technique ... imagine the shame of being the only Yarndale yarnbomber who's triangles came undone!!

By-the-way, do you recognise the yarn? ...

It's leftovers from my ripple, it's so nice to see the yarn used in a different context, I was feeling a bit bored with it but seeing the bunting makes me realise how lovely it is again! (... and if you are wondering, the blanket is STILL not finished, but under the watchful eye of Rachel I am actually making some progress, she has set me a target of one-stripe-a-week, and it's surprising how quickly it adds up!)

Did you make and bunting for Yarndale? ... and will you be visiting?


  1. So cute!!!! I LOVE the bunting and the colours are great! :) ~Stephanie

  2. Pretty :) I think I'm going to miss the Yarndale fun ... I have a wedding to attend that weekend.

  3. I have just found your blog, you take the most beautiful pictures. I love your bunting.

  4. Your crochet bunting is just beautiful! you must show us the whole thing when assembled and hung up.

    thanks for popping by x

  5. these little triangles are so cute ! I love your color combo :)

  6. How very gorgeous Emma, I adore those colours, beautiful. I can't wait to see your blanket in all it's glory. So pleased you managed to get done in time for yarndale, wish I could go, its the weekend after Alice's 13th birthday and so far to go for a weekend. Enjoy the last few days of your summer hols with your kiddies xxx Penny

  7. Lovely granny squares, Emma! Aren´t they fun?
    Thanks for your sweet comment...You should try the blanket with navy blue. It was actually my niece's idea, and I love it ;-)
    Great to have you back
    ♥ Ana BC

  8. Hi Emma!Welcome back! Hope your holidays with your kids was fun! Mine are coming up in 3 weeks time!
    Love your triangles, such pretty colors! I would love to go to Yarndale, but alas, South Africa is pretty far from England!
    Take care!

  9. Completely little beauties - I love the colours you've used. Happy hooking,

    Nina x

  10. I love the granny triangles. I can't wait to try it! I am currently making a granny color block afghan.

    Your name caught my eye, as I am from Alaska, although I live far from where the Eskimos (they prefer to be called Yu'pik) people live!

    Come by and visit me at Home In Douglas!

  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous bunting. I love the colour combinations you have chosen. I didn't make any bunting for Yarndale unfortunately, I had intended to bit just didn't get round to it!
    M x

  12. Well done! I'm glad you're sticking to the schedule ;-)

    Lovely bunting Emma x

  13. YAY! I'm so glad you could participate. Your crochet bunting is so lovely. :)

  14. Oh wow - your crochet bunting is adorable!

  15. Glad you had lovely hols - Your bunting is perfect. I had planned to make some too, along with a new cardigan for lulu over the summer - sadly neither got made. I'm looking forward to seeing some bright Yarndale posts :)) EM xx

  16. Lovely bunting -- beautifully done! And you're right about granny squares being a core skill -- I hope to teach the kids in my daughter's grade school crochet club how to make them this year... should be fun! I'll have to show them your post and how you can also make granny triangles...

  17. Hello Emma,
    Just popping in to see how you are going?
    Is everything okay?
    Ronnie xo